Hello, I'm Sławomir
a CEO of Fingoweb
a custom software development company
and CTO of Sellizer
a comprehensive SaaS tool for sales teams
Want to talk about building a SaaS product?
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If you are planning to build a SaaS startup, I would be happy to talk and advise on areas such as building web development teams, outsourcing developers, creating MVPs, scaling applications, web application performance and security issues.

In addition, although I don't consider myself an expert, I'll be happy to share my experience in areas such as obtaining EU grants, VC funding for startups, building sales or marketing teams in SaaS projects.

The main goal of this site is to meet new people related to the startup ecosystem and share knowledge. I do not provide paid consultations.

20 years
of experience in saas
completed IT projects
10+ years
of experience as
a software developer
Since 2013, I have been developing a software development company
called Fingoweb.com, and since 2017 I have been the CTO of a startup called Sellizer.io.
// building startups
// hiring developers
// IT outsourcing
// project management
// VC funding
// UE grants
Fingoweb.com / CEO
A software house from Cracow, that help companies from Poland and abroad to stand out from their competition by building dedicated technological solutions that support brand development.
Sellizer.io / CTO
Sellizer is a comprehensive sales supporting tool that will notify you when a customer opens your proposal and provide key statistics that you have never had access to.
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